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1 Year Cancer Free!!!!

On the eve of the New Year, the final day before we venture into 2016, I am happy to announce I am officially one year cancer free.

I have been in remission a whole year!
365 days! (And more really)


What a year it’s been.

I always knew 2015 was going to be a hard year. I entered the with all the joy of knowing the chemo had worked, all the hope for the future and all the nervousness in the world for what was to come. 

I had never thought the transplant would be easy, but I must admit when they told me to expect it to take a year to get better, I took that as a joke! I am the girl who went back to school two weeks after finishing chemo the first time after all…
There has been a lot more time spent in hospital this year, so much so that I have spent far more time as a resident of the Heath Hospital than my own house. I may go on about moving out a lot,  but generally that’s been a wish to relocate to university halls… not the clinical dullness of inpatient life. We think I have spent around 300 days in hospital. Which is a bit bonkers when you think about it.

A year cancer free is a long time in the world of Burkitts lymphoma and I am so so happy to be at this point.

And really, I have achieved a lot this year. Growing a new immune system (however pants it may be at times)., starting my foundation course, being named one of Wales’ coolest women and Newport’ local hero. I’ve organised a Santa Run and an afternoon tea, persuaded my mum and friends to do the Cardiff Half and between the three raised well over £5000 for various charities. I’ve expanded my horizons beyond measure, met some fabulous people and lost some wonderful people as well. I’ve been to the weddings of some of my closest friends and family and celebrated leaving Sixth Form(ish) in the most amazing dress. I’ve gotten an offer for uni, and we finally had a proper family Christmas. (Which was at Bluestone, thanks to Dreams & Wishes and was THE BEST THING EVER)


I am overjoyed to be leaving this year behind and moving on, but this year has been in no way wasted. I know I’ll look back on it as being a rather dark time, yet I’m happy and always have been.

It may have been a bit of a hike, a struggle and the journey is far from over. In spite of all I can’t complain-
I am still here! (Which of course is a pretty good thing from where I’m standing!)

I’m typing this about to go into a pantomime, then I’m off to a New Years Party so this is all I have time for. That in itself is almost something to talk about, me having a social life! Funny.




Last year...

Keep Smiling and HAPPY NEW YEAR!