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A Week of Public Speaking…

This week really has been one for the public speaking, and an extremely busy one.

What with this being the last week in school before half term I was incredibly busy anyway!

So, on Tuesday, Simon Weston spoke at my school! He was invited to speak to motivate students to try their hardest and I went as a 6th form representative. Let’s just say he spoke incredibly, and is definitely worthy of the title of Britain’s favourite hero.

Me and Simon Weston!

Me and Simon Weston!

He stuck around to chat afterwards, and I had a chat to him about public speaking and got some great tips on speaking front of a crowd, especially as I’m not one for writing speeches. The quick chat we had gave me loads of confidence in just trying my best and not worrying if I absolutely crash and burn! I feel very honoured to have met and personally spoken to him. His public speaking was just…wow and hope his style and tips rubbed off on me!

The 2nd speakingy thing this week was being a patient representative at the Cardiff Connect Event for the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Association which was an event I loved! It was set up to just show what the charity was up to, and because I was the guest speaker the theme of the evening was Childhood Lymphomas. It really was fascinating because as Non Hodgkin Lymphoma is fairly uncommon for my age, and Burkitts even more so, I got to hear all about the leaps that have been made in lymphoma treatment, research and mortality rates. I actually found it quite surreal because I’ve never me anyone with Burkitts before or really heard it be mentioned by anyone else at all, so to hear so much about it and meet some paediatrician lymphoma specialist really was amazing. The speaking was a few Q & As to say about how treatment was, and how I found out I had cancer, just make those there more aware. It was a really good atmosphere to speak in, intimate and everyone was lovely. I definitely sound like a total medical nerd when talking about it, but I heard a really interesting story about the discovery of a chemotherapy drug, Vincristine.

1062988_1581511465401980_549278671_n‘Once upon a time, in the West Indies during the 60’s pharmaceutical companies were interested in the doings of casual labourers harvesting sugar cane. In those parts you couldn’t work on the sugar plantations if you were diabetic, so many labourers knew they had to conceal the glucose in their urine to get a job. Somehow they managed to make their urine clear of sugars, drinking a tea made from periwinkle leaves, and it appeared to work, they would turn up, by classed non diabetic (according to their wee) and get the casual work. Of course, with pharmaceuticals thinking this could be the big time for treating diabetes. So they fed this brewed stuff to rats and…….NOTHING happened. A bit confused, the scientists injected the rats, BAM within a week they were all dead. Upon examination hey found the solution had in its pure form, wiped out the bone marrow and immune system of these rats- VIOLA they had found a cytotoxic drug, a.k.a chemotherapy, and is one of the drugs I received during my treatment.

Pretty fascinating right? Most of you will probably have skipped through that but, to all science brains out there, you learn something new every day.

That takes me nicely onto probably the main-ish thing for the week, and definitely the bigger of the two speaking engagements- the Mayor of Newport’s Charity Gala!

For those who don’t know, I first met the Mayor when he visited the TCT ward Skypad when I was an inpatient this year, and then chose it as one of his charities for the year. I have been sat on his charity panel, and was asked to attend the gala last night as a guest and representative of the Teenage Cancer Trust!

It was held at the Celtic Manor and was a thoroughly great evening. I had gorgeous food, met some great people (I think we had the best table!) and did my speech. I was so so pleased with it and not to blow my own trumpet, was definitely the best one I’ve done so far! I stood up and told everyone about who I am, that I’d had cancer and what that meant as a teenager and more importantly, what the teenage Cancer trust meant to me as a teen with cancer. I really hope it boosted the money raised and helped all the attendees REALLY know why them parting with their dosh was so important. They think more than £20,000 was raised in the evening which was amazing, and I got the RemissionPossible word out there which is always what I want. Two of the people at my table said they were going to sign up to the Delete Blood Cancer Stem Cell register after me talking to them as well which was amazing!10743405_1581509612068832_462219396_n

Because the theme of the night was Newport’s Finest, there were quite a few celebrities, that I chatted with and stuff, checkout the pictures below to see if you know who they are! There’s all sorts, from authors to rugby players to a west end star!

As always, tweet us, follow us, like us, share us, and support us! (Especially if you are new to RemissionPossible!)

Of course if you are interested in talking to me more, get involved have me to speak at an event, drop me an email through the Contact Us! Page.

The next blog will be, called ‘Why I love…Teenage Cancer Trust’

Keep Smiling!


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P.P.S As far as the discovery of Vincristine and the Periwinkle plant is concerned, there is speculation that the periwinkle tea didn’t reduce blood sugars at all, it just meant those farmers weren’t drinking their usual tea with sugar in!!!


Blog 11- SO much Success


Another week, another blog!

This week has been particularly eventful, both with my own stuff and RemissionPossible.

Number 1 and probably MOST importantly is the fact Beatrice, awesome Beatrice…..IS IN REMISSION!!!! YAYYY

She found out last week, and I am sooooo incredibly happy. Gorgeous Bee got me through my own treatment with our Mastercheffing and food cupboard raiding.

Cheering, celebrating and crazy Em dancing aside.

In the past week donations for the gift boxes have been FLOODING in! We have more hats and earwarmers than ever, as well as skincare packs from the UltraCalm Dermalogica range, scarf and bath fizzer gifts from Lush Cardiff, a multitude of books from Orion Books and a load of products from QD stores!!!

The lovely note with the Lush products.

The lovely note with the Lush products.

The people who have donated products will forever become part of the RemissionPossible Family and I will always be grateful to them.

This progress is SO SO exciting for me, as the boxes begin to get ever closer to being able to be launched in TCT Cardiff.

Remember, even though TCT boxes haven’t been launched you can order a teen git box, or an any age information box…RIGHT NOW!

As well as kindly donated products I have received leaflets from Teens Unite Fighting Cancer, Ellen Macarthur Sailing trust, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, Teenage Cancer trust, Tenovus……A massive array of leaflets designed to be informative and helpful for people diagnosed with cancer.

As have said above if someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, whatever age they are, whatever their diagnosis, If you want to give a meaningful, thoughtful, HELPFUL gift, in a time when helping seems impossible, please request a gift box. All we ask is a donation towards shipping and box costs, all items within are donated. We just want to help.

Now onto me! -I have been very busy, hopping around the place for choir concerts! I guess many of you reading this blog who know me will know that I m a member of Torfaen music centre gospel choir. Personally I think this past week has been the best that the choir has ever had!


ST David’s Hall

On Monday we performed with other greater went groups at St David’s hall, in Cardiff. I LOVE performing there, the atmosphere was great, and I had some delicious noodles for lunch!

The other concert with choir I was preforming at was the Music for Youth national festival in Birmingham. Many of you who are/have been involved in local or regional music groups will know what a BIG DEAL it is to be asked to perform in National festival, so as you can imagine I was SO excited to be going, especially seeing as I missed the regional rounds of the festival due to being in hospital.

Now, not to blow our own trumpets in the slightest, but in Birmingham on Wednesday…. We were AMAZING! Easily the best concert we have ever done!

Finally some other super-duper cool news…..*drumroll Please* I am once again going to be in the news! I will be back on Wales Online AND on ITV wales!!!!!!!

ITV are really interested in RemissionPossible, and I am so happy that this round of Media interest is focussed on RemissionPossible and our work that I’m trying to do… and not a sob story.

The thing is I said Beatrice’s News was probably m important….EXCEPT for some breaking news- Hollie Clark, @helphollie and the innovator of #pantsonhead HAS A MATCH!!!!!

(hollie isn’t my sister by the way, just another Hollie Clark)

This blog isn’t the longest one I’ve written, but my little sister is turning 5 tomorrow and I need to get some shut-eye before her Fancy Dress Party (help me!)

Keep Smiling, chatting about us and being interested (if you own a business gimme a bell!) It’s been a successful week all round!

Em x

World Blood Cancer Day.

Today, May 28th is World Blood Cancer day.

Every year, 30,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with a blood cancer. These are Leukaemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma as well as a few other cancer like blood disorders. That is equivalent to one person every 20 minutes.
Blood cancers are the most common type of cancers diagnosed is children and young people.
I had a blood cancer, Non Hodgkin Lymphoma.Screenshot_2014-05-27-20-28-21-1

At this point you may be asking
“Well what does this mean to me?”
Quite frankly, this means everything. EVERYTHING. Why? Because YOU are the cure for blood cancer. By donating stem cells you can save someone life, you could cure someone cancer.

How? You could join the Stem Cell register. You could become a lifesaver, you could give someone with no other options, the very greatest gift- life!
Anyone with half an eye on social media will have seen the #shake4mike #teamMargot/#swabforMargot campaigns. They both needed a donor from national registers, but originally when searched there was no match. Thankfully they both have matches now- but many people don’t- more people need to join.

If you joined the register, and were found to be a match 9/10 donors donate in a process similar to giving blood. The other 10% donate by having bone marrow drawn.

The bottom line is, though the prospect of donating bone marrow is a daunting prospect before signing up, IT SAVES LIVES and if you were (unfortunately) diagnosed with blood cancer you would not have a choice on whether to undergo such procedures.
So why not choose to do all this ^ and be a LIFESAVER. YOU can help make RemissionPossible.

So do I need to say it again? YOU CAN SAVE A LIFE. (and here, most people are eligible)

So celebrate World Blood Cancer Day with me, and sign up to be a stem cell donor.

If you have ever known someone who has had blood cancer, and don’t know how you can help, THIS is the perfect way!

Get it yet?


You could change a life. Simple as.

So go on then….do it! It will be worth it, it is something you can be proud of, something you can put on your CV. We will appreciate it, and so will every other person who has ever had a stem cell transplant, or had blood cancer.

Sign up at and join a worldwide community of 4 million incredible people!!!!

Keep smiling! (I will be if you sign up!)

Em xx