Sarah Cheeseman and Central Line Holder

Sarah Cheeseman is a gift box partner with RemissionPossible, and has designed a pretty revolutionary device for making life with a Hickman line holder easier

Hi, I’m Sarah Cheeseman and I developed the Central Line Holder.  

I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia in 2007 and was admitted to King’s College Hospital, London. In order to receive treatment and blood transfusions, I had a Hickman Line inserted.
The Hickman Line was difficult to care for and inconvenient to wear. It caught on clothes, pulled on the skin and was problematic to wash with. No pouch, bag or holder was supplied nor available and this proved a sense of frustration.
 Through talking to fellow patients with Hickman Lines it seemed that they all had similar issues and felt the same way. I vowed to both patients and staff that after I recovered I would design a Central Line Holder”

Central Line Holder480_360_csupload_47459726
The Central Line Holder is made from showerproof, anti-fungal/anti-bacterial fabric. The fabric will not support fungal growth including salmonella, E Coli and MRSA. It is extremely stain resistant, spillages can be removed using a damp sponge or cloth and wiping dry. 100% coated polyester.

It is designed to make keeping the Hickman clean, in place, secure under clothes and just general living with a Hickman line easier!

You can find out more about the Sarah and the holders or buy one at


Some Testimonials

“Brilliant wee bag – I am loving it – THANKS and highly recommended. Just stops the line catching skin or clothes and keeps it in soft against your skin. Thanks again for a great idea”

“I wish the Royal Marsden had told us about this great product at the time.It would have avoided the battle with clingfilm at bath time. I would be very grateful if you could send me a supply of leaflets to  give to Worthing Hospital and the Marsden, because they are still sending patients off into the unknown !”

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