Over to you

It’s not all about the money…

There are many ways to help people with cancer, without pledging any money or running a marathon (though both are greatly appreciated)

 We are looking at developing a number of opportunities to get involved in making a difference.

The causes closest to our hearts at RemissionPossible are…

Crafty for Cancer as a RemissionPossible own project, looking at a number of craft items that people  can make in their own homes and donate to their local hospitals. Further information to come soon.

We want to use items made through Crafty for Cancer to create gift boxes for newly diagnosed teens, as  source of comfort during the horrible time that is diagnosis. If you are interested in sending a box to a loved one Contact us.


RemissionPossible are in the process of teaming up with Anthony Nolan to try and increase the numbers of young people on the Bone Marrow register by delivering information about donation to 16-19 year olds through assemblies and media campaign.

Anthony Nolan as a LIFESAVING charity, that saves thousands of lives each year through their bone marrow register and research.

Donating bone marrow or stem cells require some small medical procedures that may seem terrifying, but for a cancer patient will be only the tip of the iceberg for what they have gone through.

“How we save lives: We match incredible individuals willing to donate their blood stem cells or bone marrow to people who desperately need lifesaving transplants. We educate young people about the lifesaving difference they can make by joining our register. We conduct groundbreaking research to improve the success rates of transplants and improve the lives of all people with blood cancer. We are there with support, advice and information for people with blood cancer and their families.”

See more at: http://www.anthonynolan.org/how-we-help#sthash.SNQdXrmA.dpuf

Through similar work we are hoping to encourage more people to Give Blood.

Find out more at:

http://www.blood.co.uk (north Wales and England)

http://www.welsh-blood.org.uk (South Wales)




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