Become a Lifesaver: Join the Stem Cell Register

Did you know someone gets diagnosed with a form of blood cancer every 20 minutes in the UK. That means, just in our country over 25,000 people a year get diagnosed with Leukaemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma or a similar cancer like blood condition.

For many of these people who are high risk, have relapsed or simply don’t respond to chemotherapy, a stem cell (also known as bone marrow) transplant co uld be their only hope.

To have this transplant they have to find a match, to donate the cells to them so they can have a lifesaving transplant.

There are around 1,800 people in the UK each year who need a lifesaving transplant, but only around 30% of these have a matched donor in their family.

This means that the other 70% rely on an unrelated hero to save their life. Without a donor, they have a high chance of not surviving their cancer.

Could you be that hero?

If you sign up to the stem cell register, you have something to be proud of. You are one of the greats. You are standing up for yourself, your loved ones, and everyone who has ever had blood cancer.

To put it simply, for many the cure for blood cancer isn’t a pill, in a petri dish or a spiritual healing in Mexico. If you’re 16-55 and in relatively good nick, it’s you. You are the cure, you are great, you are a hero.

All it takes to sign up is a spit sample.

Please, from all of us with RemissionPossible sign up! Though Emily never needed a transplant, she knows many people who have needed a transplant and they needed someone like you. Many people are searching for a match right now.

download (3)


Donating isn’t hard, nor is it time consuming. Registering is easy-peasy. But, it is urgent. An emergency in fact. So sign up.

If you decide to sign up quote RemissionPossible as being the ones who encouraged/directed you to signing up so we can track our impact.

When you’ve signed up, tweet us at @remissionpos using #makeRemissionPossible

As always, thankyou and keep smiling. 🙂


  1. Why is there an age limit on being a donor to the blood cancer organisation?


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