Rebecca Domino & Adolescenti e Cancro

 Adolescenti e Cancro is a project we got involved with recently and is set to do big things.

A small word from Rebecca Domino…

“Hi, I’m Rebecca Domino, I’m an Italian emerging writer and journalist. Writing has always been my passion and this year I’ve published two novels of mine. The second was released on 19th May and talks about teenage cancer. I always do my researches before I set off writing a book and so I did for that novel, so I read, listened to and watched stories of young people with cancer and I was blown away by their strength, smiles, love for life and altruism! I released the novel for free encouraging my readers to donate what they can to Teenage Cancer Trust but I felt it wasn’t enough.
That’s why I launched “Adolescenti e cancro” (teens and cancer), a website/project based in Italy that wants to reach teens and young people from the whole world who have or have had cancer. We want to be a safe place on which young people can connect with others in similar situations; they can read other young people’s stories and watch their videos (and send their own, of course!); they can get involved in our initiatives and we also want to inform Italians– especially young people and GPs – about the 5 main symptoms of teenage cancer, about the importance of prevention and of knowing and checking your body.
I’m very happy to collaborate with Emily and her awesome “Remission Possible”, thanks to her one of our main goals is to encourage as many people as we can – especially young people – to become blood/stem cells donors.
I think we need to talk more and more about teenage cancer, especially in my home Country, Italy. We just started but we are full of enthusiasm and want to do great things! We basically want to help in every way we can, our website is open to all teens and young people aged 13-24 who have or have had cancer regardless of the Country they live in and the place they are or were treated but we think it can be especially helpful to those who are or have been treated in adults or children wards and in their offline lives may not know people close to their age who are or have been going through something similar; it wants to be a website/project without language barriers – without any barrier – that aims at helping these young people mainly through the support and the voices of others like them.”
We have many subsections in English.
Current projects
Adolescenti e cancro and Remission Possible’s first initiative is an online photographic exhibition called “I’m beautiful” aimed at girls aged 13-24 from the whole world who have or have had cancer. The exhibition will have two subsections: Italy and foreign Countries.
The aim of the online photographic exhibition is to show people that young women with cancer can be – and ARE! – beautiful and that inner beauty, love and care for the others, strength and courage are what make a person really beautiful!
At the beginning the online photographic exhibition will be on a page of Adolescenti e cancro but as soon as we’ll have quite a lot of girls involved we’ll promote all the pictures and we will start working to organize a live event in Italy and, why not abroad?
If you want to get involved just send your picts (up to 5), your name, age (if you’re in remission, age when you’ve had cancer) and the Country you live in at:
Of course, participation is free of charge.
We’re waiting for you!

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