Gift Boxes

Creating gift boxes is a massive part of the RemissionPossible vision. We want to provide a gift for newly diagnosed teens.

This idea came from a gift Emily received shortly after diagnosis. She was given a box, sent from the Laura Crane foundation, not as a gift at diagnosis, but a Christmas present, a little present to say ‘it’s rubbish you’re in hospital at Christmas, but let’s make them most of things.

At the time, Emily was shocked a stranger, a charity from many miles away would send a gift to someone unknown to them.

Several months later this was the seed from which the gift boxes have grown!

Of course to have gift boxes to donate, we need items to put in….THIS is where YOUR help is crucial. We welcome any items for example; –

Sweets, body care items ( eg moisturizer, wet wipes, lip balm, shower gel) beanies, tea/coffee/hot chocolate, vouchers for online shopping, biscuits, books, films, mugs, headphones, notepads, pens, puzzle books….all the kind of things that may be essential for stay in hospital and treaty items, to try and lift the spirits of a teen at a hard time.

We are constantly looking for suppliers for these boxes- SO far we have vouchers for wigs from , Hickman line holders from Sarah Cheeseman, and a fair few other goodies!

This project constantly needs donations, so if you would like to help us out, you can either purchase and post us something you think a teenager would like (contact about posting) or you can purchase something off our Amazon gift registry- nearly all the items are under £10 and will make a difference in our ability to make the boxes!

Our First Box!

Our First Box

If you have, have had or know someone with cancer, you input on leaflets to put in the boxes would be invaluable!

Contact us if you can help, or even to make a suggestion for the boxes!

Though our gift box work will be primarily in TCT Cardiff, we will do teenage gift boxes and information boxes (for any age) on request. These can be sent to anywhere in the country and all we will ask in return is a small donation to fund postage, and to go towards the making of more gift boxes.

The gift boxes will contain the items requested above, and the information boxes will contain leaflets aswell as an earwarmer/hat.

I hope you, your business, you workplace or anyone else will be interested in helping our project!

You can access the Amazon Registry here.

Any donation will be greatly appreciated.


  1. What a wonderful idea. I would love to help where I can. Where would I send items for your gift boxed… I will see what I can do to raise some awareness of your amazing project and see how many others I can get to donate to your outstanding project xx


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