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Did you receive chocolate today of us?

I challenged 5 friends to collect a few chocolate bars.

5 But many more got involved. On mothers day, mums all over the UK will receive a chocolate gift in memory of Emily. Mothers day was the last time we spent any time in the same room as a family of 6. Emy died on 12 March. Mothers Day is hard, so we wanted to do something positive. On the day Emily died, I arrived home on shock and disbelief. On my doorstep were 80 Mr Toms bars ( big Newport County fans in our house) Emily had arranged a donation for the cancer wards. This was typical of her. Few weeks previous it had been 200 bags of popcorn.
Never for herself. Always for others.

Please share your chocolate scoffing pictures #mission21

The idea behind mission21 is to mark Emilys 21st birthday doing what she did best. Inspiring others. So the mission is to get as many people as possible whether they knew Emily or not, to raise £21 in her memory to mark what should have been here 21st birthday. The target can of course be smashed but we wanted to demonstrate everyone can make a difference. £21 is achievable and shows it doesn’t have to be thousands.

Money raised can be pledged for one of our chosen charities.

  • Bloodwise
  • Kids Cancer Charity
  • Look Good Feel Better
  • Dylans Wish.

Alternatively you can raise funds for a cancer charity of your choice. More info about how these charities supported us available on request. We have had a fabulous response of weird and Emily inspired events planned by individuals for throughout 2018. From donating the cost of your favourite shop bought cuppa and putting the kettle on instead. Come dine with me with a group of friends, children’s sleepover, running a half marathon ( 21kilometers) local crafters are donation 21% of profits on certain items. It’s taking off really well. My own event was yesterday at sixteen Brasserie ( previously Mojo) we held a ladies lunch for 21 ladies. Including cocktails great food and fundraising.

In addition each month we will have a mystery mission. You can pledge to accept this mission via social media with a selfie, stating i accept the mystery mission. However you won’t know what it is in until after you commit. The idea behind our mystery mission is they don’t involve fundraising, running or parachutes. They may involve raising awareness. Raising a smile or a random act of kindness. Keeping Emilys memory and spirit alive certainly helps us but we understand it isn’t for everyone.

We are always looking for new and fun ways to raise money. If you have a venue, pub or an idea please contact us via Facebook Mission21.