3 medical appointments and an MBE

Normal chaotic week at Remission Possible HQ.

One emergency trip to hospital and 3 medical appointments. So Drs and hospitals visits are still very much part of our daily routine. I am always grateful to the NHS.

Remember Emily’s post.


I have always classed myself as a NHS Millionaire. If we did have to pay for medical treatment I certainly wouldn’t still have our family home or have three cars parked outside.  Not that buying another car had been on my agenda, but Holly conned me into getting her one. Full puppy dog eyes, hugs and kisses, screaming tantrums and full teenage strops finally wore we down. Anyone who has been within a mile of us in the past 6 months have watched this story line unfold like a plot from a soap.  Like a  tennis match its been back and forth. Will she/wont she.  So instead of completing a charity walk ‘Pauls Walk’ or taking part in Snowden rocks as originally planned this weekend we took some much needed and appreciated ‘mother & daughter’ time and  picked it up. So if parking wasn’t difficult enough with our road currently closed we now are a family of 3 cars and 2 parking spaces . So the latest ongoing saga will now be who gets to park on the drive. Think Hol might win as she doesn’t have a license to drive anywhere.  But at least I will know where she is.

We had news this week of another potential donor. They hadn’t been selected to donate and had felt a bit deflated.  So I just want to share that this.

We always knew Emily didn’t have a perfect match and there were other complications with her donor cells. But mystery spanish man was the only potential match world wide. So we went for broke. Only hope. No time to wait. We were talking weeks without transplant.

Emily wanted everyone to find their bone marrow match she had thrown her weight and passion at supporting others campaign long before she knew she would need to find a donor. As a result some  people have found themselves in situation were doctors are having a choice about which donor to go with.  That really is an ultimate dream. So if you have signed up thankyou. If you have donated or in process of donating big thankyou. If you were a match but not chosen huge thankyou. This is the situation of dreams where people dont just find a match but drs have a  choice between donors. There is still along way to go. Especially with mix ethnicity but thanks to campaigns like ‘help hollie’,  ‘swab for margo’ and ‘shake for mike’ progress is being made. But remember we cant get complacent.  There is always more work to do. So I intend to meet with my local MP this week to discuss what the Welsh Assembly can do.

Our Ball planning is now in full swing. We are very pleased and honored to  welcome Chris Wells-West onto our planning team. I wish to take this opportunity to thank her for her support and congratulate her on her recent MBE.

Your mission this week:

Return your ball booking form. You need to be ticked off our spreadsheets.

Please  get someone to signup to Cardiff Half and join our bigmoose crew running for Emily. Email jeff@bigmoose.co if you need convincing or a motivational chat or to simply add your name to the list. This is one opportunity to work with some amazing runners and coaches.

Just Google Rory Coleman and join in.

If I can do it. You can do it.


About Donna

Inspired by my childrens courage. In last 6 years, asthma, type 1 diabetes, epilepse, cancer (burkitts lymphoma) dyspraxia and dyslexia joined our family. Twitter - @welshmumfour Web - remissionpossible.org.uk

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