A thank you to Elsie

I am going to attempt writing a bit more regularly. Initially I was concerned I wouldn’t have enough content. However things at Remission Possible HQ are a bit hectic.  I don’t have Emily’s flare or ease of writing but feel its important to keep you lovely people with us on this ride.

I had been advised that after 12 weeks the ‘clouds would lift’ and I would feel better. well Saturday was 12 weeks and although our grief is causing all of us at home to cry at random things, several times a day, Saturday was definitely a remarkable day. We smashed through £4500  mark on just giving. Which for Evan ( age 12) was a really big thing. This is how. Hankies ready.

A little girl named Elsie turned 1. I don’t know her or her family. But like many of you who followed Emily. They have been inspired to do something.  They very kindly donated her birthday money instead of buying her gifts to our just giving page. Please take a minute to have a look at all the lovely comments they posted.

At last count it was £230. WOW. How amazing.  But a word of warning to her family& friends when she becomes a stroppy teen ( they all do eventually) and wants the must have latest thing, she may want the money back. Xx

Emily was such a foodie. So we went to Monmouth food festival.  It was bitter sweet. A lot of tears before, during and after going but it was good to be out doing something we know she would have loved.  Highly recommend peanut butter brownie with hot chocolate sauce & cream. Very indulgent.

Her food tech teacher was there and we chatted briefly about Emily’s love of food and the coursework that she still uses in school to help other. Coursework we were glad to see the back off. During trial session at home our poor chickens couldn’t keep up with demand when doing the egg topic.  Although we still haven’t lost the weight from the 50 crème Brulee she practised one week.

Happy times and memories.

About Donna

Inspired by my childrens courage. In last 6 years, asthma, type 1 diabetes, epilepse, cancer (burkitts lymphoma) dyspraxia and dyslexia joined our family. Twitter - @welshmumfour Web - remissionpossible.org.uk

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  1. Fabulous post Donna. I loved reading it – inspirational as always from Team Remission Possible. x


  2. Eileen Norman

    I see you do have Emily’s flare for writing. Keep up the good work you started with Emily x


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