6 months in Remission!

6 months in Remission!

So as of Friday I was officially 6 months cancer free!

Amazing how time flies right?

This also means that RemissionPossible is now a lovely six months old!

Remission, cancer-freeness is quite simply amazing, and I really think that it is something that unless you have experienced a similar situation yourself you can’t imagine what the feeling that is associate with remission. I love the word and all that it means. I really don’t think anything makes me happier than hearing of other people’s successes and having my own success, carrying on each day.

Of course I’m not thankful for the cancer, but to be still alive, kicking and causing havoc- I am so so so grateful, and I love the position I am now in, with the opportunity to help others.

I simply cannot believe it has been 6 months already! Half a year, free. It’ll only be a few months from now until my 1st cancerversary and a few months after that my proper remission-day anniversary. I can’t wait because with every day I am getting on with my life and with every day the chances of my cancer coming back getting slimmer and slimmer.

I think anyone who has been through a similar situation will agree cancer still is and will remain part of me and my life forever. It has changed the way I think, act and simply am.  Cancer no longer impacts on my daily life s a negative influence, (because I am better!) but I can surely say that there is no way, RemissionPossible aside that I would have done anywhere near the amount of charity ‘stuff’ had I not had cancer. So it’s not all bad, I am hopefully now helping some others, and entertaining you with all these blogs!

This is really only a very short post, not a proper post at all, but here’s a nice list of everything major I’ve done since I found out I was cancer free!

  • Gone back to school.
  • Done some A Level Exams
  • Applied for university
  • Joined a charity committee
  • Spoken at a gala dinner on behalf of Teenage Cancer Trust
  • Started up my gift boxes
  • Had a haircut (!)
  • Become a patient representative for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.
  • Volunteered for LGFB
  • Gone on a Clic Sargent Residential.
  • Made some amazing new friends (some of whom are recently also in remission, YAY!)
  • Lost some friends
  • Marched on Cancer as part of Stand Up to cancer
  • Had a personal letter from a lady with an MBE
  • Done some super cool fundraising, AND got to eat cake during it!
  • Won a Beacon of Hope Award.
  • Been a normal ish teenager. (Not that I was normal before!)

So now to you, my lovely blog readers and subsequent RemissionPossible supporters- Have you hit any milestones recently, health related or not? What awesome stuff have you all been up to? As always I love hearing from you so drop me a comment below, tweet me or sent a good ol’ email!

Keep smiling guys! ✌

Em xx

P.S. The next blog will resume the ‘Why I love…’ Series!

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