I Won an Award!

As the title appropriately suggests…I won an award! Pretty groovy right?

It means that you are no reading the blog of one of the Lymphoma Association’s Beacons of Hope. I love that. Beacon of Hope, makes me sound strong, tall, and almost like a mountainous glass sculpture. Lovely.

So I heard I’d won it about a month ago, and travelled up to Aylesbury near Oxford to collect the award, and boy was it an eventful evening!

Me and Alice Arnold!

Me and Alice Arnold!

For one, I’d gone to school on Thursday and anyone who’s knows some decent geography will know that Aylesbury is a fair old slog from South Wales, so regardless of traffic we were already pushing it. As you can imagine, a road closure didn’t help us in the slightest!

Me and my mum can be a bit fussy when it comes to time keeping (my mum especially) so we were a little bit panicked when we arrived at the hotel for a 6.30 drinks reception in another building at 6.31! I can honestly say, I have never put makeup on so quickly in my entire life! Of course we made it ok in the end, albeit very hot and flustered, but ah well!

My award with a celebratory lunch!

My award with a celebratory lunch!

The ceremony and everything was lovely, we had canapés, and had pictures taken, and all of the winners were made to feel very lovely. The awards ceremony itself was comp aired by Alice Arnold, (she used to be on BBC radio 4 and is Clare Balding’s wife) who did a brilliant ceremony, that was filled with so many other deserving winners- from former patients like me, to nurses and doctors and amazing families and friends….everyone there had done so much, and though I’m not a massive fan of the word inspiring they all really were, with the personal battles they had overcome as well as being fundraisers and campaigners.

It’s so so exciting to think that what people think I’m doing warrants winning an award. To me, I am just being me, and doing what I do…but if that qualifies me for winning an award- thanks! To have won this- It’s been an honour. Once again, thank you Lymphoma Association

Speaking of other things to win- I’ve been nominated for a Cwmbran Shopping Community Star award- which if I won, I would win £500 to spend at Cwmbran Shopping.  Think it would be plain to show that if I won the money it would be game changer for the gift box project, and it would totally change that outlook I had on it. Currently the gift boxes are being set up to be donated I Cardiff, and on a request-for-a-donation basis in the rest of the country. Wining this money would give me the opportunity to do bigger and better things with the gift box project, as well as us being the biggest boost for me.

I would really urge everyone reading this to go and vote for me! The support would mean a lot and as I’ve already said it would be so so helpful… (I might even get a little something for myself as well😉)

If you should be so kind as to vote for me- you can by using this link- https://www.facebook.com/CwmbranShopping/app_1516226135281015

I hope everyone reading is well, and that you’ve had a great weekend!

Keep Smiling,

Em xx


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